Projecto Benedictinos Competition

Drawing inspiration from the monastery that overlooks the site of this proposed development in Santiago, the landscape design for the project reflects the Benedictine motto “pax, ora, et labora”--peace, prayer and work.   The proposal envisions a tranquil residential setting with a diverse system of open spaces designed to engage the mind, body, and spirit.

El Monasterio Park represents the green heart of the new community.  At the southeast edge of the site, a gateway plaza featuring a misting water feature and a grove of olive trees provides views to the monastery and mountains.  From here, the linear park unfurls before the visitor: allées of native beech trees alternate along either side of the park to create spaces for active recreation, public art, plazas and gardens.  Pedestrian pathways interspersed with wide bands of native shrubs and perennials further structure and enhance the park experience.  A signature paving pattern defines the streetscape, bringing the park experience right up to residents’ doorsteps.

A second park forms the spine of Avenida Francisco Bulnes Correa, with sweeping allées of native Patagua trees lining wide pedestrian and bicycle paths.  Across the road, a tree-lined multi-use path connects the community to the new church and commercial area on the eastern edge of the site.  Additional park spaces featuring community gardens, gathering areas, and flexible spaces for active play adjoin the four multifamily buildings, providing an amenity to residents and visitors alike.

Sustainable goals inform nearly every aspect of the design.  Stormwater management strategies include the use of permeable surfaces where possible along with bioswales and rain gardens.  A detention basin at the low point of the site collects additional runoff, allowing stormwater to be reused for irrigation or dispersed to the nearby lake.  Other green features include a low-maintenance plant cover of native trees and shrubs, community gardens to promote the local food cycle, and a variety of multipurpose trails and pedestrian paths to encourage sustainable transit.

  • The landscape design for this project reflects the Benedictine motto “pax, ora, et labora”--peace, prayer and work
  • Sustainable goals inform nearly every aspect of the design