Holy Names University + Samuel Merritt University Master Plan

Driven by the merger between Holy Names University and Samuel Merritt University, the North Oakland campus will expand over the next two decades to serve the diversified needs of students, faculty, staff & the surrounding community. RHAA teamed with EHDD Architecture to create the master plan document guiding the campus’ buildout.  The landscape vision for the new HNU campus builds on existing natural, cultural and architectural resources to provide an engaging learning environment that supports collaboration and fosters community.  By developing a strong sense of place the vision allows for the emergence of a unified campus identity. The new campus will create interconnectedness across diving topography, grow the campus identity, enhance academic and social spaces, and celebrate the existing cultural and natural resources.

  • The Master Plan sets forth an innovative vision for the merger and expansion of Holy Names University and Samuel Merritt University for the next 15 years.
  • The landscape vision activates key spaces connected along main pedestrian spines, transforming the existing static hillside into an activated, multi-use amenity.