Stanford Old Winery

The Stanford Old Winery three-story brick building was constructed in 1888 by Leland Stanford. Used as a winery until Prohibition, the building was subsequently converted to a dairy barn and research center. In the 1950’s the site linked the Stanford Shopping Center and Stanford Medical Center. Today, the barn acts as a mixed retail, restaurant, and office space. One of the restaurants, Tootsie’s, is named after Stanford’s dog.


Our team worked closely with Stanford University Real Estate to maintain the historic integrity during the refresh of the interior courtyard, pedestrian corridors, and parking lot renovations. Within the courtyard, key design recommendations included opening building sightlines, improving circulation, updating paving and furnishings, preserving historic trees, and revitalizing plantings to match the existing historic vineyard theme of lavender, olive fields, and Canary Island palms. To improve connection to the new Stanford’s Children’s Hospital, we created a pedestrian route that provided a safe separation from vehicular traffic. Within this corridor we also reclaimed redundant vehicular space for a parklet with café tables, giving the tenants a needed outdoor eating area. As one of the oldest buildings on campus, the site serves as a historic landmark and is typically buzzing with restaurant patrons, shoppers, and medical office tenants.
  • Historic winery retrofitted for mixed-use
  • Built in 1888, one of the oldest buildings on the Stanford campus
  • Vineyard themed planting and vibrant outdoor plazas