Oakland ECA Mercy
RHAA is working on the site development and landscape design for a new parking structure and renovations to existing senior housing facilities in the Fruitvale district of Oakland, CA. The design scope includes renovated courtyard gardens, a roof garden, a sunken courtyard garden, a new campus entry and drop-off plaza, a communal gardening area, a fitness trail, and various perimeter improvements. The landscape design is designed to provide an enriched outdoor experience for residents, staff and visitors. Existing palm trees in conflict site plan updates will be saved during construction and replanted along the existing radial pattern to highlight the existing palms and new fitness trail. The new courtyards will provide spaces for outdoor dining and garden lounge seating, creating comfortable, engaging spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy while taking special consideration for its users with limited levels of mobility and acuity to create a safe, therapeutic space. Features within these courtyards include water features, shade structures, stone retaining walls, looped pathways, and comfortable seating areas.