Technology Campus

Built in the late 1990’s to support a variety of tenants, this 29-acre office park was renovated to support its rapidly growing workforce. In collaboration with Gensler Architects, RHAA designed site improvements to unify and connect the site’s seven buildings to create a more cohesive campus. The quad formed between four buildings is now pedestrianized as a larger common space and an existing allee connecting the quad with a row of three other buildings is strengthened with bold and colorful patterning of the ground plane and new activity spaces that front it. Set within a landscape of existing mature trees, new amenities support the employee culture, providing active and engaging spaces for outdoor working, socializing, fitness, dining, and special events. The design also supports the client’s goals as a leader in sustainability – providing photovoltaic-shaded electric vehicle priority parking, bicycle access and parking improvements, and renovated irrigation systems to minimize water use.