Marin City Center for Community Life

RHAA collaborated with Group 4 Architecture to develop a comprehensive schematic program and master plan for the Marin City Community Services District. The program includes a total of six buildings ranging in scope from new construction to strategic remodeling. Having also designed the new Rocky Graham Park, RHAA continued a holistic landscape approach that links the Park at the east end to the Rec Center on the west end. A journey of different experiences was devised including; a community garden, a natural appearing stream and bioretention area surrounded by wood boardwalks, and terraced “street life” seating as a front porch to the community activating important social space. This journey culminates in an outdoor living room plaza at the new Recreation Center.

In addition to new and updated facilities and amenities, the project schematic program also aspires to bring improved health and social resources to the Marin City community that has historically been ignored.