UC Berkeley Campanile Esplanade
UC Berkeley’s Campanile Esplanade celebrates its 100 year anniversary this year. The Esplanade was restored as a priority initiative identified in the Campus Landscape Plan. Deteriorated redwood headers surrounding the raised lawnpanels were replaced with granite headers matching the granite on the Campanile and exterior wall. The historicCalifornia brick paving had settled creating an uneven surface with poor drainage. The bricks were salvaged andreused with the original brick patterns and details. Drainage was improved with re-grading and the installation of apermeable base under the sand set bricks. A tree assessment was prepared for the historic London Plane trees andrecommendations made for their maintenance. Missing fixtures of the Mitchell Fountain were restored using oldphotos from the Bancroft Library. A “desire line” footpath was formalized and designed to protect the lawn and trees.A planting design maintained the original formality but utilized drought tolerant plants.
  • 2015 Berkeley Design Advocates Award (1 of 12 outstanding projects)
  • 2015 Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association Commendation Award
  • 2015 ASLA Northern California Merit Award