Glacier Point Rehabilitation
RHAA led a multidisciplinary team for a challenging site restoration at Glacier Point, one of Yosemite’s top attractions. Glacier Point is a place of exceptional vistas, but the area near Glacier Point, which includes the former site of a hotel, had become degraded and barren under the pressures of almost a million visitors a year. Poorly designed and sited existing restrooms and concession facilities also detracted from the spectacular views. The challenge was to redesign the site and facilities to handle the large number of visitors and restore native vegetation, providing a proper setting for the spectacular vistas. A new view terrace and amphitheater provide viewing opportunities, informal seating and a place for interpretive programs. A well-defined circulation system provides access to all site facilities. Revegetation is accomplished with native plants propagated from seeds and cuttings collected at the site. The design goal of the project was to meld visitor facilities with the site’s beauty so that the design appears to emerge out of the natural landscape. 
  • Located in Yosemite National Park
  • ASLA Northern California Chapter, Honor Award 
  • National Park Foundation Director's Award