Tyler Poland
Tyler Poland Designer
Tanvi Shah
Tanvi Shah Designer
Jose Subiabre
Jose Subiabre Designer
Jacob Millard
Senior Associate

Jacob's sensitivity to client needs, user experience, and sustainable solutions equals his passion for contemporary site design and place making. Jacob has focused his education and career on understanding and exploring our relationship with natural and built environments; and his background in design, engineering and construction has given him a strong foundation for working with clients, communities and multi-disciplinary teams to facilitate processes within which design can take place.

At RHAA, Jacob has worked on a diverse range of public & private projects; from master planning and conceptual visioning to a wide variety of constructed projects. His work has included urban plazas, streetscapes, and civic spaces; park and recreation projects; health care facilities and corporate campuses; schools and educational campuses; multi-use developments, commercial retail spaces, and residential design. Jacob is a licensed Landscape Architect.

Projects of note:
Sonoma Academy
Sausalito Dunphy Park
Hayward Library
Contra Costa College
South Lake Tahoe Lakeview Commons
San Francisco Chinatown Central Subway

Jacob Millard Senior Associate
Nathanael Gray

Nathanael believes that each project he designs adds another layer to an already transpiring story. The landscape is complex and nuanced; each place has a unique social and environmental history. To understand this story Nathanael finds inspiration by spending time on the site, in depth site analysis, and dialogue with the community.

Projects he has worked on include public parks, community master plans, school grounds, and urban plazas. In his spare time Nathanael continues to explore the landscape where he lives by hiking, plein air painting, and taking long walks until he is lost, then finding his way back.

Nathanael Gray Associate
Harriet Zhu

Harriet received her Masters of Landscape Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design. With an interest in ecology and urban systems, she became focused on the interaction between people and ecosystems. A graduate from the China Academy of Art as well, Harriet is exceptional at hand drawings and sketches, and she believes in the importance beautiful and understandable drawings to quickly communicate design and ideas.   

Harriet Zhu Designer
Lauren Ivey-Thomas

Lauren is an urban designer interested in the relationship between landscape design, city planning, and community building. Her passion for design combines a vibrant architectural aesthetic with an interest in creating strong contextual relationships, to create unique and locally relevant spaces. At RHAA, Lauren has managed several Park and Recreation Master Plans for cities in the Bay Area, and previously worked as a Student Recreational Planner for the National Park Service.

She holds a dual master in City Planning and Landscape Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley, where she researched design through community engagement. Outside of the office, Lauren teaches dance at the studio she grew up in: Jazz N Taps rocks!

Lauren Ivey-Thomas Associate
Momo Chen
Momo Chen Designer
Megan Dale
Senior Associate

Megan is a landscape architect with extensive international and domestic experience. She has managed a range of projects in the fields of urban planning, public parks, waterfront design, high-density housing, urban forestry, trails, cemeteries, public utilities, and community development.

She brings awareness and spirited creativity to projects striving to deliver positive results. Her design approach is to listen to the land and people, then incorporate the unique aspects of each site. Megan has a passion for hiking, nature observation, and mountain biking. She enjoys teaching people to care for the places they cherish for outdoor recreation and to protect the natural environment.

Projects of note:

Berkeley Tuolumne Camp
Southern California Veterans Cemetery
San Mateo Wastewater Treatment Plant
Stanford Old Winery
Presidio Theatre


Megan Dale Senior Associate
Kendra Manning

Kendra’s passion lies in working with communities to create meaningful, beautiful spaces responsive to their needs and to the needs of the environment. She has experience managing a wide range of projects across scales including technology campuses, education, public spaces and playgrounds. Kendra’s rapport with clients, communities, consultants, and construction teams makes space for positive, collaborative, and creative engagement throughout the design and construction process.

Her understanding of environmental and social influences complements her sound construction knowledge, resulting in highly successful projects. Kendra believes that each project offers a unique opportunity to positively enhance our world and this concept drives every aspect of her work.

Kendra Manning Associate
Kossen Miller

Kossen Miller is a landscape designer with focused interest in complex cultural landscapes and the evolution of coastal places. He holds a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from LSU’s Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture; and a BA in Leadership Studies from the University of Richmond. A lifelong passion for the ocean and surfing has led to international travel and work experiences that now serve to define and enrich his design endeavors.

Kossen Miller Associate
John Martin
Senior Associate

John brings a background in Integrative Biology to Landscape Architecture and an interest in urban and cultural landscapes that connect communities to their surroundings. He believes enduring and memorable public spaces emerge from the creative melding of a site’s ecology, its history, and the functional needs of the individuals using it.

He has a particular interest in the experiential qualities thoughtful planting design can elicit. In his free time, John can be found hiking through and photographing California’s diverse native plant communities or taking road trips to mid-century destinations. He is a licensed Landscape Architect, and is Bay Friendly Certified.

Projects of note:
Fresno Fulton Mall Rehabilitation
Burlingame Avenue
Davis Third Street
San Francisco Candlestick Point and Hunters Point Shipyard Redevelopment

John Martin Senior Associate
Quinn Uesugi
Quinn Uesugi Designer
Lindsey Yuen

Lindsey is a Landscape Architect whose project experience has focused on local public projects, ranging from large recreational parks, neighborhood parks, and coastal trails. She offers her strong construction document and project coordination experience to the team. Academically trained in the Pacific Northwest, her studies focused on urban ecological design, community building, therapeutic landscapes, design-build, and visual arts.

As a way to continue building upon her interest in community-based work, she recently begun volunteering for a local non-profit that provides design services for local marginalized communities.

Projects of Note:
Hunters Point Shoreline
60 acre technology campus (confidential)
Dublin Downtown Streetscape Plan

Lindsey Yuen Associate